utils.isArchivePath() From @serverless/core Framework

Last updated on 26 Feb, 2023

utils.isArchivePath() is a method provided by the @serverless/core library, which is a popular Node.js-based framework for building serverless applications.

This method is used to determine whether a given file path represents a compressed archive file, such as a ZIP or TAR file. It takes a file path as input and returns a boolean value indicating whether the file is a valid archive file.

Here's an example of how to use utils.isArchivePath():

const { utils } = require("@serverless/core");

const filePath = "/path/to/";
const isArchive = utils.isArchivePath(filePath);

if (isArchive) {
  // Do something with the archive file
} else {
  // Handle the case where the file is not an archive

Note that utils.isArchivePath() is specific to the @serverless/core library and is not a built-in method in Node.js or any other programming language or framework. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the @serverless/core framework to help build serverless applications.

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