Update Cloudfront Distribution Using Node.js AWS SDK

Last updated on 16 Dec, 2022

AWS provides aws-sdk npm package to work with AWS services. Below function updateCloudfrontTTL() updates the MaxTTL value of default behavior to 0.

const AWS = require("aws-sdk");

async function updateCloudfrontTTL(distributionId) {
  const cf = new AWS.CloudFront();

  const params = await cf
    .getDistributionConfig({ Id: distributionId })

  params.IfMatch = params.ETag;

  delete params.ETag;

  params.Id = distributionId;

  params.DistributionConfig.DefaultCacheBehavior.MaxTTL = 0;

  const res = await cf.updateDistribution(params).promise();

  return {
    id: res.Distribution.Id,
    arn: res.Distribution.ARN,
    url: `https://${res.Distribution.DomainName}`,

Line 4: Create CloudFront object

Line 6: Get the current configuration of a distribution

Line 10: Set current ETag value to IfMatch. This step is mandatory.

Line 16: Set MaxTTL to 0. In similar manner you can update whatever you want.

Line 18: Finally, invoke updateDistribution() method to actually update the settings in AWS.

Line 20 - 23: shows how to read values from the response object.

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