Tools for JavaScript Fullstack Developer

Last updated on 13 Apr, 2021

As a fullstack JavaScript developer, I come across different technologies and tools on a daily basis. This is a collection of such tools that might come handy for you as well.

Express - A Nodejs framework to create websites and APIs easily.
ExpressJS Async Errors - NPM package to enable Express framework to handle asychronous errors.
Express Validator - Validate or sanitize API requests received by an Express application.
Helm - Package manager to find, share and use software built for Kubernetes.
Istio - Platform independent service mesh that comes handy in microservice development.
Jest - JavaScript testing framework.
Mongoose - NPM package to communicate with MongoDB.
Node.js - A software using which we can run JavaScript in a server.
Postman - Software to test APIs.
Supertest - NPM package used for testing purpose to send fake requests to APIs.
TypeScript - Helps to define data type of a variable while writing JavaScript.
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Joby Joseph
Web Architect