SOLVED: fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories

Last updated on 30 Jun, 2022

Last day, I created a new repository in Bitbucket. During the creation phase itself, a .gitignore file was created and a master default branch was formed in Bitbucket remote server. Basically, a git remote server with a master branch was created. The remote server can be anything like Github or Bitbucket.

Next, I was trying to push my existing project to Bitbucket. The local project is also a git repository with master branch. Before pushing the code to Bitbucket, I planned to pull my latest change in remote with .gitignore file to my local machine. This was the command.

git pull origin master

But Git replied with this error message:

fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories

Why unrelated? Because the master branch in remote and local machine was created in separate ways. We already know that fact. We need to tell Git that its OK to pull the unrelated master branch contents. For that we need to add an extra flag --allow-unrelated-histories. This was my line:

git pull origin master --allow-unrelated-histories

That did the trick for me.

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