Salesforce Demandware Interview Questions

What is Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce has a portfolio of products which is officialy known as Salesforce Customer Success Platform. Commerce Cloud is one of the products which offers ecommerce solutions for B2C(Business to Consumer) and B2B(Business to Business).

Is Demandware and Commerce Cloud same?

Demandware was an industry leader in ecommerce sites. On July 2016, Salesforce acquired Demandware and formed Commerce Cloud. Salesforce then evolved the Demandware product as its B2C ecommerce solution.

In 2018, Salesforce acquired CloudCraze, a leader in B2B commerce. This is now handling the B2B commerce of Commerce Cloud.

What is Einstein for B2C Commerce?

Einstein for B2C Commerce helps marketers and merchandisers to use AI. Without the help of a data scientist, one can easily make smart decisions and personalization across commerce journeys.

Einstein intelligence powers five key B2C Commerce capabilities:

  1. Einstein Product Recommendations
  2. Einstein Predictive Sort
  3. Einstein Commerce Insights
  4. Einstein Search Dictionaries
  5. Einstein Search Recommendations

What are the main areas covered during High-Level Discovery(HLD) phase of a project?

HLD typically involves 1-day visit to client's website. In this visit, we

  • Identify gaps between current website and proposed solution
  • Determine the structure of project team
  • Discuss risks and obstacles for the project's successful completion
  • Estimate cost of implementation

What all details should be present in B2C Commerce implementation project SOW?

In order to successfully deliver a B2C Commerce project, the Statement of Work(SOW) should contain:

  • Project-specific activities, deliverables, and timelines
  • Features which are in scope and not in scope
  • Roles and responsibilities for your team, your customer’s team, and third-party teams
  • Assumptions taken