Salesforce Demandware Glossary

If we are into a Demandware project, we can hear few terms or phrases used my either team members or from Salesforce team. It is good to have a brief understanding of these terms and what is expected out of it.

Partner Project Manager

Company ABC is a Demandware partner company. When ABC receives a Demandware project, a Partner Project Manager is assigned to run the project. He / She is responsible for defining project scope, create project plans and execute those plans.

Functional Architect

In a Demandware project, Functional Architect talks to customers to define requirements and functional specifications. They have good ecommerce knowledge and know very well how B2C commerce works. He / She might not have technical implementation knowledge.

Technical Solution Designer

When functional architect understands the requirements and functionalities, Technical Solution Designer plans the solution. He / She is a person who has cleared Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Technical Solution Designer exam.

StoreFront Reference Architecture(SFRA)

SFRA is a starting point for online-storefront design. It can be considered a boilerplate to start a Demandware project.