Running Inline JavaScript Inside Next.js JSX

Last updated on 31 Aug, 2022

Next.js supports inserting JavaScript code to our project in various ways. We are going to explore how we can add and run a piece of inline JavaScript code in a Next.js component.

Here we have a piece of JavaScript code:

console.log("This is an inline JavaScript");

I am trying to insert it directly to my Next.js home page like below:

const Home = () => (
    <h1>Home page -</h1>
    <script>console.log("This is an inline JavaScript");</script>

But when I take the home page, I am seeing an error. It says:

Unhandled Runtime Error
Error: Text content does not match server-rendered HTML.

See more info here:
Hydration Error

We can take the help of dangerouslySetInnerHTML in this case. We need to replace the script tag with:

    __html: `console.log("This is an inline JavaScript");`,

After that we can see the message correctly logged in the console.

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