rootDir and outDir in TypeScript

Last updated on 29 Jan, 2023

When project get bigger rootDir and outDir helps to organize our project. One of the normal convention is to keep all source files in src folder and keep all distribution or the output files in dist folder.

We can follow similar approach in a TypeScript project. We can set outDir property in tsconfig.json to store all JS files in dist folder or any folder for that matter.

  "compilerOptions": {
    "outDir": "./dist"

The path or name of the output directory can be anything as you wish.

Sub folder

When we set the outDir, it also maintains the folder structure. Say, if you have sub folders in the src folder, the same folder structure will be maintained in the output dist folder.

rootDir property tells the TypeScript compiler where to look for TypeScript files. If we store all the TypeScript files inside src folder, then it is good to set the rootDir to ./src.

If we do not set the rootDir, TypeScript will compile TypeScript files in other folders or root folder and put everything in dist folder. That will break things.

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Joby Joseph
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