Remove Commas From Currency Value Using JavaScript

Last updated on 26 Nov, 2022

Here is the problem. We have a currency value that is greater than 999. Some write such big currency values using comma separators.


In JavaScript, sometimes we need to remove all the commas for further logic. There are multiple techniques. We are discussing, two string methods that can perform the job.


It is a comparitively new string method. It was added to ECMAScript in ES2021. Using replaceAll(), we can remove all commas like below:

const withCommas = "1,567,782.23";

const withoutCommas = withCommas.replaceAll(",", "");
console.log(withoutCommas); // "1567782.23"


replace() method is comparitively old and can be used with more confidence and platform support. It uses regular expression to find patterns and replace them.

const withCommas = "1,567,782.23";

const withoutCommas = withCommas.replace(/,/g, "");
console.log(withoutCommas); // "1567782.23"
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Joby Joseph
Web Architect