What Is The Difference Between Stale State and Inactive State in React Query

Last updated on 3 Aug, 2021

When working with Queries in React Query, we can see the state of Query is sometimes stale or inactive. Other than these 2, there are fresh and fetching status also. But since stale and inactive have somewhat same meaning, we are trying to understand the difference between them.

To understand the difference, we have a component <GitUsers /> that fetches git users and show them. The code inside the component looks like this:

function GitUsers() {
  const queryUsers = useQuery("gitUsers", () => {
    // fetch git users

  return queryUsers.isLoading ? (
  ) : queryUsers.isError ? (
  ) : (
    // Code that shows all users

When we use this component, automatically queryUsers fetches users. By default, React Query marks the response as stale after fetching is over. What does that mean? If React Query is a manager sitting in our page, according to him the response data is stale or not fresh now. So whenever GitUsers is rendered he will do another fetch and bring latest data. In other words, a status of stale makes react query to make another network call to bring latest data.

Till now, we assumed GitUsers is directly used without any conditions. What if GitUsers is rendered conditionally like:

const [show, setShow] = useState(true);
  show && <GitUsers />;

Now, since the initial value of show is true, it renders Git users. That means, React Query made a network call to fetch git users. After that, due to some toggle functionality, the value of show turned false. That results in not showing <GitUsers />. React Query now understands that the earlier fetched data is not being used and turns its status as inactive.

Wait! Wait! Wait!. The data is already stale and outdated. Now what is the significance of inactive.

Here, we need to talk about caching. React Query caches the response of each query for around 5 mins in memory. So earlier we took the list of Github users and React Query has now saved the response in an in-memory cache. The status inactive has only one meaning: There is some data in cache which is not being used by any components. And that indirectly points out to the developer if we are wasting memory by storing lot of inactive queries.

As soon as the value of show in above example is turned true, the list of users instantly comes up. That instantaneous behaviour is due to the cache. If the cache was cleared, the users needs to wait for some time to complete the network call and later see the list of users.

Summary is stale status is used by React query to make a decision to make a fresh network call or not. inactive status shows the usage of cached data.

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Joby Joseph
Web Architect