How To Print Emoji in Node.js Console

Last updated on 21 Aug, 2021

While running tools like yarn, we have seen emojis in Node.js console. If we want to print emojis in our project, node-emoji package can help. First, install it.

yarn add node-emoji

Then, we can use it like below:

var emoji = require("node-emoji");
console.log(emoji.get("coffee")); // ☕

A complete list of emojis present in the package can be viewed in this link

Now its time to play. Let me try a Merry Christmas!.

var emoji = require("node-emoji");

const christmas_tree = emoji.get("christmas_tree");
const santa = emoji.get("santa");
const tada = emoji.get("tada");
const sled = emoji.get("sled");
const bell = emoji.get("bell");
const confetti_ball = emoji.get("confetti_ball");

  `\n${christmas_tree}${bell} Merry Christmas! ${sled} ${tada} ${santa}\n`

Here is the output:

Console emoji
--- ○ ---
Joby Joseph
Web Architect