SOLVED MacOS - No Off Option Under Configure IPv6

Last updated on 9 Apr, 2021

Previous day, all of a sudden my client's development site was not accessible. I was getting no access error page returned by CloudFlare. When checked with collegues, IPv6 was the blocker in my Macbook. As a solution, I had to turn OFF IPv6 in my Mac.

I took System Preferences > Network. There I clicked on Advanced option of Wi-Fi. Then under TCP/IP, I could see Configure IPv6 option. The problem is, there was no Off option.

Configure IPv6

networksetup Command

Then the following solution worked for me. I took the terminal. I ran following command.

networksetup -setv6off Wi-Fi

It turned OFF my IPv6 and then I could see the Off option in dropdown.

Configure IPv6 OFF
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