JS Daily 15 - Add Properties to Function

Last updated on 5 Dec, 2020

What is the output of following code?

function Car(name, color) { = name;
  this.color = color;

Car.showName = function() {

const myCar = new Car("BMW", "Black");

The output is an error, specifically a TypeError. It looks like this:

TypeError: myCar.showName is not a function

Functions in JavaScript are also objects. That is why, functions have properties like name and methods like call() and apply(). Just like the built-in properties and methods, we can add new properties or methods to a function. That is what we did in the above code.

Now, when we attach a method directly to a function as in line 6, it is just for that function. It will not be available to instance objects like myCar. If we want a method to be available for instance objects, we need to attach that to the function prototype.

Car.prototype.showName = function () {
  // ...
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