JavaScript Basic Interview Questions

Last updated on 4 Nov, 2020


How are functions stored in memory by JavaScript? Here we have a function sum().

function sum(a, b) {
  return a + b;

How sum() function is stored in memory?


JavaScript allocates a memory block, just like a memory is allocated for a variable. The definition of the function is then stored inside the variable. That is why if we print the value of sum in console, it prints out the full source code of the function.


Here is the console output:

Printing function in console


Is JavaScript single threaded or multi-threaded?


JavaScript is single threaded. That means, it can execute one and only one part of the code at a time. If a code block calls a function, the block needs to wait until the function finishes its execution.



What is the difference between undefined and null in JavaScript?


undefined denotes a variable that is declared, but not yet initialized. In JavaScript, if we declare a variable and prints it value, the output will be undefined.

var a;
console.log(a); // undefined

On the other hand, null represents an intentional absense of an object. For example, the match() method in JavaScript returns all matches of a regular expression as an array.

var str = "some things are awesome";
var res = str.match(/some/g);
console.log(res); // ["some", "some"]

We can see that the match() method returns an array, which is an object. So we expect an object from match() method. But what if, there is no match? In that case, null is returned to denote intentional absense of an object.

var str = "some things are awesome";
var res = str.match(/boom/g);
console.log(res); // null
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