Install TypeScript in your Computer

Last updated on 4 Oct, 2022

We can install TypeScript using Node Package Manager(NPM). NPM is automatically installed when you install Node.js. You can check if npm command is available in your machine by running:

npm --version

If npm is installed, above command will display the version number like 8.15.0. If npm command is not available, you can install Node.js from their official site.

Global Installation

If you want TypeScript to run anywhere in the terminal, it needs to be installed globally. Global TypeScript installation can be done using:

npm i -g typescript

If the above command run successfully, then you can try below command to verify the installation:

tsc --version

It displays the version of TypeScript like Version 4.8.4.

Local Installation

When we install TypeScript within the scope of a project, that is called local installation. When we install locally, we will not use -g flag.

npm i typescript

Once we start using TypeScript in any project, we use above command. In that case, TypeScript package will be locally stored under node_modules of the project.

We then run tsc command from package.json script command.

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