Delete Old Lambda Versions Using Serverless Package

Last updated on 18 Sep, 2023

In my current project, we are using serverless package for one of the modules to deploy around 20 lambda functions. What happened was for each build, a new version of lambda is created and stored. This resulted in reaching the maximum code storage limit of 75GB pretty soon.

Gitlab pipeline started failing. For few weeks, we wrote a script to delete the lambda versions and ran it whenever required. But that was not a permanent solution. So, we tried serverless-prune-plugin.


Install the serverless-prune-plugin.

yarn add serverless-prune-plugin --dev

Update Serverless Config

Add serverless-prune-plugin to the list of plugins in either serverless.ts or serverless.yml. Mine was a .ts.

plugins: [

Since, I had to run this pruning automatically, I added the rules to custom attribute in serverless.ts.

custom: {
    prune: {
      automatic: true,
      number: 3,


Now when the pipeline runs, it showed that the pruning was successful.

✔ Pruning of functions complete

In my case 75GB space got reduced to 45GB.

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Joby Joseph
Web Architect