Creating Page in Next.js

Last updated on 28 Aug, 2022

Next.js is a React framework to build websites. Next.js creates page routes based on file and folder structure. For example, if we want to create a url like /contact-us, we need to create a JavaScript file with file name contact-us.js under /pages folder.

Each JavaScript file should export a React Component. Here is an example content that can go inside contact-us.js:

const ContactUs = () => {
  return <h1>Contact us page</h1>;

export default ContactUs;

If we run the project, we can see below page in /contact-us url.

Contact us page

Non React JavaScript file

As mentioned earlier, each page files should return a React component. What if we are simply creating a JavaScript file under /pages folder? Let us try.

For that, create a file under /pages folder with name testfile.js. Fill the file using below content:

console.log("Test file");

Now try to access /testfile url. Next.js will clearly show the error to us as shown below:

Error page

Nested URL

If we want to create a URL like /students/list, then we need to first create list.js file under /pages/students folder.

The list.js file should return a React component.

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Joby Joseph
Web Architect