SOLVED setupTests.js not working in create-react-app

Last updated on 5 Apr, 2021

To use enzyme with React 16, I need to use an enzyme adapter. To setup the adapter before any Jest tests, I wrote the code in src/setupTests.js. For some reasons, that file is not being called by CreateReactApp. Instead, I am getting an error like this:

Enzyme Internal Error: Enzyme expects an adapter to be configured, but found none. To
configure an adapter, you should call `Enzyme.configure({ adapter: new Adapter() })`
before using any of Enzyme's top level APIs, where `Adapter` is the adapter
corresponding to the library currently being tested. For example:

          import Adapter from 'enzyme-adapter-react-15';
Enzyme error
Enzyme error in Create React App


I added a flag to test command in package.json file. So now my test command looks like:

react-scripts test --setupFiles ./src/setupTests.js

Then I ran npm run test again and it worked.

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Joby Joseph
Web Architect