Converting JSX to JavaScript

Last updated on 10 Aug, 2022

JSX is a syntactical sugar for React developers to easily create components. We use transpilers like Babel to convert JSX to JavaScript.

Here we have a JSX snippet:

  <h1>Hello JSX</h1>
  <h2 label="screen">Sub heading</h2>

When Babel converts above code to JavaScript, it makes use of React.createElement(). This method accepts 3 parameters.

  1. Name of component
  2. Attributes of the component
  3. Children of the component

Here is how the JavaScript output of above code looks like:

React.createElement("div", {}, [
  React.createElement("h1", {}, "Hello JSX"),
      label: "screen",
    "Sub heading"

You can try this JSX to JavaScript conversion online here.

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Joby Joseph
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